Monday, October 30, 2006


For my "Raya" stories, everything about the same this year, it just a long trip to Kelantan in blessed Syawal.

My cousin, "Abg Adib" was married to kelatanese, Kak Lynn, so we supposed to send the groom on 3rd day of Hari Raya. As usual, as family's driver, I was driving from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bahru. Wow, what a record for me, cause the last time I was in Kota Bahru when I was in standard 6. Erh?? 10 years ago.

Lovely Friday morning, we were in bride's house for nikah ceremony, so when its begin to start, the Kadi was questioned,

"Mana pengantin perempuan??"

The question was not surprised me at all,
But when everyone was looking at me, I a bit blur.
Tok kadi, Imam, everyone looking at me, siap showing the papers lg,
for signature thingy.

Mak lang was said

"ehe, Imam ingat Dia pengantinye laa"

Eh?.... I was really blur, and denied the thought immediately

"pengantin? Dalam bilik rasanya kot. "

It was so blur feeling, and then when the story was spread over to my other aunties,

"tue, seri pengantin dah ade la tue.. Cepat-cepat sikit Dia.. "

And everyone was makes fun of it. Ceih! Mentang-mentang!


So, I was spent my 3rd and 4th Raya in Kota Bahru, my ex schoolmate was sms-ed me

"Nadia, ada kat rumah x? kitorg nk gerak ni"

My reply

"Not available –in Kelantan"

Supposedly it just stops there, but when Peja phoned me,

"Nadia, dorg x puas hati, nape kelantan?? Pegi melawat mak mertua ke?, ke bf org Kelantan? Mcm x de kaitan je ko ngn Kelantan, sume konpius nieh. "

It's so funny! Dem! I'm so not related with East and North actually, so everyone can't find the connection when I was said I'm in Kota Bahru while Raya. Next time I will find someone from negeri yang ade loghat oke?

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