Monday, November 13, 2006

Drama Queen

Drama Queen

Last weekend, I'm kind of pack with open houses and wedding invitation, Thanks for all hosts, including Ms. Syila, mee kari yang sangat sedap ( dah puji ni =p )

So, instead of Raya's party, I'm so excited with my previous schoolmate's wedding! Suziela, she's the first one in my batch getting married you know! Erm kinda late for my batch, in age 22, only one passed through the next stage of life. X laku ke? *curious

I'll update later the pictos, so so likes reunion of batch and we fills the house like sardine.

One sad drama happen behind the laugh of excitement during the wedding day, lead actress by me. *sob sob

Until now, I feel the pain. It's rainy season, it was flood around the bride's house, and some part were fully covered. At first I'm so surprises (I couldn't saw it from my car), so I'm so genius cause am wearing my 2 and half inch beige heels. (I'm not expecting to balance through the titi or it likes rakit, I've no idea I had to!)

I'm the first one through it, and the others follows me (in fact, actually I'm so scared even lompat longkang pon), how I can be brave enough to lead at first, damn. With my cutie heels, I get slip, and I can't balance myself suddenly. Luckily ade pakcik near me that time and helping me from fall down to taste the cool, icy flood (yuck!). Thanks pakcik! (Or abang? heh)

All the guests, noticed a drama there, you know how the girls voices, rite? It so attracts people to watched it and people knew it was me later (I'm suddenly become so popular! Wow wee) It wasn't great incident to grab the popularity la Nadia. Embarrassment moment of my life, Duhhh! Luckily I'm not swimming around there, if happen, I balik rumah jeeeeee, how can I imagine my chiffon cherry pink kurung covered with the orange mud. Yuck! And it will be so transparent.

It's bleeding, the shape looks like macam kene jahit, 10 jahitan macam tue (surely it will be scar there later) Damn. Bengkak tau, my right feet looks soo gemoks from my left

Today I was show to my housemate, and she was said "mesti nangis tueee"

I was likes hah? X laaa.. ade laa keluar air mata jeee.. (I couldn't stand the pain, you know, sgt x tahan sakit. Luckily, Alhamdulillah, I jarang sakit)

After that, when I had to passed through it back, I feels so scared and shaking, damn, it's so haunted me then, I had walk with my kaki ayam. I always grab people's attention in wrong way la.

The end.

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