Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Erh, I've been cursed!!

Erh, I've been cursed!!

Dem, I'm so jinx today! It comes when I had 9 am class, so as usual daily routine, I said hello for my incik kem (my car's name btw). Suddenly my car's alarm can't stop, it keep on sounds continuously. Duh, I'm so late for my class, yea, I already late for 10 minutes, normal 'Nadia', and suddenly my car create so nice problem, that I will remember for rest of life (I never faced this alarm kind of problem k! noted that.)

First, I'm thinking who I should ask for help, I called my daddy, he told me, if the sound keep repeating the same things, I should unplug wire in engine and he was said that are basic things, every single which had installed in car present in car's engine. I was what?? How suppose I know that? I'm not mechanical engineering student thou, you nie!

So, my housemate was in class, I call my guy friends, unfortunately everyone already in class or they not really know about this car thingy, so I called Nirma, (I wake her up actually) so I asked for her helped, to find for me some talented guy who knows about car, and Achai was direct me how to stop it thru phone, but I still can't do that. (So stupid of me, different car different button rite? So I'm not really that stupid, Mind you!) My incik kem was in basement car park by the way, so the line was so limited.

One foreigner guy comes to me (Saudi or Iran, I've no idea) and asked me if he can helped me or something, Oh!! my angel comes down to me from the middle of nowhere (his car park in front of mine actually). Finally the alarm was stopped, but the light keep blinking, it won't stop unless I think if I go to mechanic. He can't find any button actually to stop it, he just unplug the wire in my car's engine, and now I know which wire, easy like pees thou!

I drag Nirma to car's accessories shop, and I'll end up in Jusco after thing was solve, dem, so jinx, cause ianya sangat mengikis duit saya. I skipped 2 of my classes actually, instead of bergegas pergi ke class, I pergi Jusco? What really good decision by me, cause Jusco in front of my eyes, pergi yang dekat lebih afdal. Nirma whispering at me, Nadia, aku x mandi lagi tau!. For the first time, ade org x mandi pergi ke Jusco, harap maklum. Erh First time ke?

After that things, I don't think I can jumpe lagi mamat foreigner itu, sungguh malu la.

The moral of stories, you should have boyfriend who lives around you, which you can ask for help immediately, person that you can rely on. Am I right? Ahahah who lives around here je tau!

And I realized, I'm not really having bunch of friends in Cyberjaya!!!! who really wants to lives in Cyberjaya kan?

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