Thursday, December 21, 2006



*daily routine
I parked my car after class and then walked to my house.
(I need serious improvement in my social life, Damn)

What make something different today,
Then suddenly one guy smile at me, first i thought salah org kot. then he walked to me,
and was said
" Hye, i just want to say Hello "

" Oh. Hello then. " I just smiled.

" You MMU student? "

" Yea, u? " (i actually feel weird)

" Yep, same with me, FOE, u? "

I've no idea what exactly this guy want.
So i just walked through him, then
" FIT, erm I've work to do, bye "

You know what, he's African, and I just his shoulder tall, errr, x sampai kot.
Itu sahaja selingan utk hari ini.

Crush of this monthsss, Urs Buhler (gorgeous!!)
By the way, Il Divo soming to KL this January!!

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