Monday, December 18, 2006



I'm thinking about the "reason" someone falling in love with others, I mean it could be million of reasons right? But the main reason you falling for her/him. If you dating someone, what the main reason he/she could attract you?

Or might be, there's no reason for you, it just love, but it's really real? I mean, there's no room for reason at all?

For me, there's things scared me.

I'm afraid for falling because of his money, his wealth, maybe someday, he looses everything, he can't afford to buy me anything, and how can I handle it? Do I still love him? Do I sacrifice?

I'm afraid for falling because of his looks, his physical appearance, I afraid if could be the day, his right arm is not there anymore, there's no hug for me then, do I still be with him? Do I feel shame walking down the street with him?

Or could be someday, he was diagnosis cancer; do I still hold his hand and said "I will be here, don't worry honey"

OR might be I'm the one whom bankrupt, loose my hand, diagnosis cancer. "Do you still be there for me honey?" There's still be a smile from him for me?

Love is risk, if you choose to live with someone, u need to be really sure; he does really feel the same way too, give and take, right?

I'm sorry, to bring "love" entry again, I just thought how it could be then. Somehow we should be thankful to be here now, don't asked too much from others, cause even u not really sure that you can give much to others. Thankful the right word.

Maybe school's holiday was the "love" holiday mood, the invitation never ends, that's how I react, I think how it could be later?

"kamu adalah pelangi hati saya. selepas hujan turun"

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