Monday, December 04, 2006

whats yours?

What yours?

Enough with US's offer, am waiting with interview then.

So what brought me lately, someone asked me, what exactly my criteria in choosing "someone". Erm, it makes me think, what exactly that I want in a guy (actually, I do think, am not lucky in love thingy so far, yes!! It does, so pathetic). What do you want? What u guys want?

First, I'm so falling with someone's brain, yes I do, and so, so the question was, how brainy he must? Is not "brain" brainy, like he must pursue PHD or win the nobel prize, really intelligent person, so what? I mean, noo nooo,what I mean, I just love with the way someone think, about his life, how to improve his own life, thinking, planning the future, exactly know what his doing, does sensitive around his world, I hate people ignored what happen around them, I mean, it does really insensitive rite? We live in world, full with peoples, or others, we share everything, so how come we can ignore what happen around us?

That, what's I called "brainy", with my own dictionary about how brainy someone is.

So, the next statement is, I can't believe look doesn't list in you, Nadia. Erm, it does, yes, but not really top of the list, I mean I just want, the truth is, he just enough for my eyes, am not really asking for hottie, handsome guy. Yea, am not really that beautiful, gorgeous fine lady, I just plain and ordinary Malay girl (hello! obviously). So, am not asking too much in this part. No, absolutely no, just I want sweetness in him.

Girls looking for material, money the point is
, yes! I admit that strongly, me too, that's what am saying before, am looking for the brain, hello, someone definitely know how to makes, lead his life, to please his life. Everything about money now days, u cant deny it. BUT am not looking for person whom from the richie family, that was a super bonus if he was, daaa, exception if am the model looks la, hah, am easily find the one if I am. (but did u really can suit with classy family?)

What else? Erm, clean, it must, I mean I love spends my time with someone clean, pleaaaseee.. Who can live with dirty person? I must be crazy then. Its not necessary means clean, he must be so organize, or so so clean, all I want is he must not so dirty person, who doesn't still had pizza's box from last week (that what I mean!) or wearing the same underwear twice before it goes to laundry, yuck right? Who can stand that? Acceptable if not organize, I can do that for him, ehe, it just clean, one more, kebersihan tue salah satu yang dituntut. Right?

Comfortable, that the next thing, we have to comfortable with each other, can talk for hours, laugh for hours, we can disagree without hate each other. Hello, am looking for partner in life, am not looking for just a husband thou. Different meaning between that. Erm, we can accept other's family,as common phrase speaking "we're not only married him, but entire family", (my friend looking for an orphan, cause she will never had to pening2 for pleasing everyone), so funny how she thought bout it.

And, the last one, I just want someone can love, care me, as I am, truly love me. I'm not really lucky in that so far, err so my next thing just waits when it comes, right? Am not looking for it now, let it goes by flow, what the next scene is. I still believe in love, yes I do, am not deny the feeling to love someone and been loved by someone, this love thing is give and take; both parties must have the same feeling.

Hah, now I notice something that I really know what I want. Yea!! Nadia, u rawk girl (er, what exactly I rawk on?)

So guys, what exactly that u want in someone? Your own criteria in choosing, what the most important thing in you? I want to hear some opinion ;) Choosing partner of life has to pass thoroughly each thing. right?

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