Friday, February 02, 2007

Life, Frustration, Circle.

Life, Frustration, Circle.

Is there up and down in life, somehow when we hope for something... but we didn't get as what we actually want. Heart broken. But how we deal with broken heart? I can't get something out of my mind actually. Nadia! you think too much!

Nadia, nadia, nadia

Somehow in one point in life, our plan was miscalculated, how to deal with it? How to deal with frustration?

How I can missssscalculated my plan actually? damn, it was my honor mistake, I felt like crying u know! ( I did btw ).

I do have my life very own plan , perfecto! for example, Who I am in 10 years, when my Master will complete, When I purchase my first car, or purchasing my first house, everything on schedule so far, everything line up perfectly.(my "love" life, that including in unpredictable plan)

But! How I do this silly mistake?? Damn!

I should do more backup plan for now on.(But I do hv backup plan, but this is not in neither plan) and most important thing is PRAY and TAWAKKAL, the basic things in Islam itself.

Up and Down, base in Circle of Life. Nadia, remember that. (remind myself)

actually I got an offer as a programmer, in one company at Cyberjaya, the company willing to wait till i graduate, but when one thing mess up, it is effect everything in my life, including the job offer, now I really afraid that if I miss that job, I will jobless later.. waaa.. mess!

Nadia.. ingat-ingat rezeki kan tak tentu.. everywhere.

Sorry for this "entry for myself"

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