Saturday, March 10, 2007

purple ke"pink"an

Purple ke"pink"an

My very best friend, reminds me over and over, about her brother's wedding this coming April. Yes, I definitely will go, don't worry.

Suddenly, last year "accident" flash back to me, with her other brother's wedding, she already told me months before but I kind of lupe about "baju", so I just wear my black kebaya, but the theme was "orange"

Duhhh, I'm so over exposed. I mean everyone with orange but "pop" there was me with blackie kebaya, pop out over the orangey crowd.

So this year preparation will start, I will get a new purple kebaya, yeay! beli baru! (We're Charlie's Angels with kebaya! ooppsss she's clearly said purple ke"pink"an )

I for sure ber mukim di situ

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