Friday, April 06, 2007



Enough with my lil crush story.

I've been thinking for passed few months, should I pursuing my Master or I simply just work after graduating. I had been survey passed months, my first choice is UM (I love to feel IPTA environment then) or UPM, over THE sea? will later with PHD.

I was asked my dad, for still supporting me with Master, (in money term! :p) and the answer is Yes. Therefore, It is up to me. Keep thinking, December intake long way to grab.

Master, PHD, I will, InsyAllah.

You know, my aunt sooo bising when I told that I want continue my study until PHD

"Boyfriend dulu sebelum sambung phd nanti"

I was erm? If I continue my Master without boyfriend?? Possibility? Jodoh kan, unpredictable, x ker? Should I.. shouldn't I?

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