Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hola guapo!

Hola guapo!

Someone asked me, my criteria for My Mr. Right.
In addition, besides the sexiest part, "the brain". as I told ya before.

I added up one more, a man with culinary skill. Super Duper Hot!! So sexy!!

Wallaahh. I need someone who can cook for me, whenever, wherever I want! and the "taste" must be superb. Then, "Hola guapo" o "Te quiero guapeton"

Terbalik ke? When a girl looking for a guy who can cook?? naaahhh! I really need one! Betty said "Gile!"

Yes! I am. and now, only will consider if that guy can cook well, ok? I SO SO perasan ade org nak kan.

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