Friday, May 11, 2007

Need a title?

Need a title?

My FYP's presentation. what else besides sooo takut?

Before my group, ade 1 group, I x kenal langsung. But, I asked one of them, helped me to setup our laptop for presentation. After that continue takut2 and ade byk mase lagi before present.

Tibe2. I denga "Nadia, Nadia". I diam je. Sape plak kan kenal I beside my group mate. Nirma bisik "sorry, tht guy tanye name kau tadi. aku jawab je la"

That guy "Sorry, sajeje nak kenal, selalu nampak u"

Tibe2 ade session kenal2 la plak kan, i dah la sooo takut nak present kejap lagi. Soo comel, sbb siap tanye my previous school lagi, bile i ckp my school dulu. sume dlm lab tue muke shock je. ahahah. part tue yg klaka. sbb "unexpected" :p

That guy "Seriously?"


And at last, my Final Year Project, six months of work, melabuhkan tirainya. oopppsss belum, ade bende nk modify before hard cover submission.

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