Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Okay. So far I was super duper busy at office (even I reply juge some people YM's :p) mak aihhh... files betimbun atas meje. everything urgent! :p balik pon maghrib jer.. nasib la sekangkang kere je. siyan kan saye. :D

Okay. what else? Its hard to find "eye candy" in my department.. ala there's lots of non-malay :p tape.. ade je.. ehehe in other unit la... aisey. macam mane ituu :p

Okay. Nak tau takkkk!!! P Ramlee The Musical sgt best!!! I love it!!!! sgt! Its fun! tapi I mmg sgt suke Musical Performance, mcm PGL aritue. sbb tue all Musical Movies i suke.. cth: Hairspray. and I'm already booking for Peter Pan Show, bkan Peter Pan Indonesian tue tau :p ini Peter Pan of Neverland.

Okay. tata. nak tido.. esok keje. :D

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