Friday, November 23, 2007

Ipoh Mali

Ipoh Mali

Okay, Quick updates,

I will be leaving Cyberjaya tonight, for Ekin’s engagement day at Ipoh!! (MMU'ian) What a loser, everyone seem excitingly move to another stage of their life, Ehe.. But I love every minutes of my single hood~

My boss actually asked me, if I under pressure cause my friends getting engaged and married, one by one.

I was said, “Nahhh!! I'm loving it!!”

Ehe, each person in my department already married. So I’m the only single-mingle there =)

So, my job is slowly killing my life, be there in office before 8am, then went back after 8pm. Deadline kan, normal~ Luckily after 30th, I’m free!! Our project will officially close. Especially I will miss him *He is Cute, Cutie pie. Will rindu the way he pronounce my name. (Spanish tauu~ no wonder cute kan?)

My advice, reward yourself after graduate, months of vacation, before start applying jobs! Teruk you know! I cuti 2 weeks jee..

My life is now been blessed in so many ways. Especially you. of course you.

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