Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Resolutions Checklist

2007 Resolutions Checklist

This year is nearly up, Time is going sooooo quickly!! And quick review my 2007's resolutions.

1) Get Organized

Yes! Better than before

2) Start my own career

Yes! Happy working mummy, opsss women.

3) Selfish, Heartless

Yes, sadly.

4) Travel as much as possible

Yes! Mostly Cuti-cuti Malaysia jee.. ;) Genting, Penang, Kemaman, Cherating, Pangkor Island, Port Dickson, more to come, next week will be somewhere too!

5) Help others

Yes! I sign up for Malaysian Organ Donor, MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional) Donor, and Mercy Volunteer.

6) Will enjoy my life more, be optimistic and happier more

Yes-No, I happier than ever, there were bittersweet moments through 2007, problems comes and go but I hardly want to remember all deym sad things. Love, I seriously thought, Big-No-Love for 2007, but it does happen anywhere. *Wink

7) Fit in Fitness

Yes-No, I successfully loss 15lbs (dieting and jogging every single day)! BUT kinda gain some unnecessary weight after he went back last September. *Sob sob, But.. But.. he gain ‘some’ weight too! It's SOO fair. Aha!

8) Move on

I broke up last 2006, December, it almost a year for me to rebound. My-Ex already moves on soon enough. So what I'm waiting for????

8) Designer Bags

Yes! And one from him, as my souvenir!

Bye-Bye 2007!!

Don't have a clue how I'll survive next year! Oooh...this year has been pretty good, but pretty bad as well. I wonder what 2008 will bring for me, everything just planned, but we never know ;)

Bye bye 2007! *waves!*

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