Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Last Person

The Last Person

I’m so sgt-bagus-employee who willing to work until ends of year, not really "willing" la, it a must. Although I will be the only person in my office for next two weeks (the last person standing), ahah! My boss and my seniors will be on vacation until New Year! (There are 3 division in my department, so my division only four of us, 3 out until next year)

I’m so in heaven for next two weeks, eheh. (Dalam hati sedih~ org bes je cuti, I so dedicated plak kan.)

So here I am~ Raya Haji pon cuti sehari jer, takkan sume cuti plak kann.. Dahh nasib badan.. Tapi okay je.. (^_^)

Go go Nadia!

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