Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Changes! Where are u?

Changes! Where are u?

Omg, blog updated daily? Gilee aahh.. mmg jer sgt rajinnye la Cik Nadia nie. Okay.. Well today, nothing much, all documents pending because of my manager off. The truth, I never know, usually he will come before me.(Obviously I'm daymn late!)

So, I'm so in dilemma about my career, if manage to sort it out, I will tell you guys the details k ;) For now, lip behaves or fingers behave okay! But I'm dying to get everything sort! I need changes.

Well, tomorrow I will be in Putrajaya, be one of representatives from The Company, there will be monthly assembling with The Minister.

Manager said "Make sure you’ll be there by 730, Nadia"

Memang tau jer I selalu lambat masuk office. Ahahahha my time management so problematic, change Nadia!

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