Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cyberjaya to China

Cyberjaya to China

Me: Hello, Mr. XXXX, firstly I'm Nurulnadiah

Him: Yes, yes Nurul. I remember you very well.

Me: Oh? Seriously, actually I'm calling for querying about my status.

Him: Don't worry; you have been short listed, you doing very well last week. You wait another 1 or 2 weeks, can you?

Me: Of course I can!!

Oh my god, I want this much. (^_^) much mucho.. likes from Cyberjaya to China. Ahah! Tapi kan.. If I'm not get it. Redha jer la. As Nirms said before.

One more thing, people always mentioned me as "Nurul" when lead to formal conversation. Someone from external agency called me just now,

“Can I speak to Puan Nurulnadiah?”

oh, ok. Adui.. Dah kawen saye nie yeee...

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