Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy 2008!

I just hope I can survive this year and for 2008, I am going to plus minus my last year's resolutions.

1) Career (need to rethink, analyze back)

2) More travel and holiday (Plans line up already! Cant wait for Feb plan)

3) Help others (more charity works)

4) Will enjoy my life more, be optimistic (I just hope we can survive this year and more coming years. Amin)

5) Fit in Fitness (Seriously A MUST for August event)

6) Designer Bags (help me add more, boleh kan yuuuu?)

7) Seriously start saving money (Less shopping? Erm.. erm.. )

I need resolutions for my guideline through each year, and yes I do have monthly to-do-list and even daily to-do-list. Even, I do have clothes-to-wear every 2 week, it's help me to avoid repeating outfit happen.

Happy New Year everyone.

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