Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Love You GUYS!

I Love You GUYS!

So, after hectic day on Tuesday,

I had girls-day out on Wednesday (except our loved-mengade zack). Our hot-spot for almost five year already, semestinye KLCC. Even from per day parking for RM 15, until reduced to RM 7 now, Untuk makluman Cik Betty, RM 7 per day tue, hanye for weekdays, coz I paid my parking ticket was RM 13 semalam eh. Why KLCC? Sebab zack malas untuk bersesak-sesak like Mid Valley or One Utama. But The Curve sound comfy for next meeting aka hang out day. Tapi, Highway KL-Putrajaya mmg superb, I sampai basement KLCC only for 20 minutes! Tapi RM 4, tak kisah je.. sebab saya gune sekaliii sekaleee je.

We had nice-full brunch at Chili's Grill & Bar. Chilis never disappoint me, compare to San Fran, Chilis food more satisfied. Julie arrived bit late because her shopping spree at Pavillion. Tapi, seriously how we gonna save money??? We just shopaholics yang critical, especially Cik Julie. Ahahaha. And another one, we just love fine dining, fine luncheon, senang cite fine food. Erm, tapi with my housemate in crime, Cik Naz pon, plus Nirma, we love FINE makan2 too.. eh btw Naz, Soho ade sgt sedap+heaven tomyam, jum! ;) Tak kawin la kami, duit asik x cukup je. :p

Then, funny-horror movie "Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang". Seriously one of kind, we just enjoyed the movie, it was okay, fun for first attempt. More improvement needed, especially for unreal scene or story line yang agak boring in the middle. But it was good laa.. I can laugh yang agak dasyat.

After movie, we lepak at Starbuck for internet free access, terpakse la sy membeli something to drink coz everyone else just malas+full already. Yela, takkan duduk without buying kan? Melampau gile.

Psssttt, Betty hv a brand new Calvin Klein hobo handbag.

Kami pon terus je pulang ke rumah masing-masing setelah 7-8 jam berada di KLCC. Guys! I just can't wait our Slumber Party next week!! oucchhhh~

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