Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I want it badly!!!!!!!

I want it badly!!!!!!!

Oh. My god! I really want this badly. Remember? I was said that I want more money, now opportunity with a thousand increment, plus more benefits. So the thing in front of my face now. I want this!!! Plus I can get travel lots. Please.. Please.

If I pass a level, I have to beg my dad for new Marc and Spencer's suit. Ehehe. That a big MUST, I can't afford a nice tailored suit for now, heyllooo bape kerat sgt la gaji makcik.

If I manage through this, I'm the luckiest girl alive. :p for me la. Pray for me guys!

I always think that, what we want we can get it! at the end, we get what we want, it just How you get it. Be positive Nadia.

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