Monday, January 14, 2008

I want more money!

I want more money!

Wahaaa.. How's my weekend? Sleeping+laundry+tv. My parent was here in Cyber. Yey, having nice lunch and shopping with them, I tumpang sekali, my mom was said,

ni dah keje ke belum nie.. Ibu ayah still paid for everything.. :p

Pleaseeee la ibu.. kasihan anakmu ini. Actually my mom asked if I back hometown, but I still haven't done my laundry yet since went back from Singapore. Ehe. Suddenly, they showed up in Cyber.. wah. Rindu saye la tue.

Before this, I was asked my dad that I don't want to pay my car's installment until forever and ever. (Not exactly a question but a statement kot)

My dad was said, OK.

Wahh.. Immediate answer tau!. But, till nowwwww, I still struggle with my monthly budget. Eventhou I already minus car (installment, maintenance) and toll. Aisey.. currently I'm looking job with higher payment.

Teruk ni.. bile nk stable? I neeeddd morrreeeee money. deym. when exactly I will become rich and famous ni? ahahahaha plus I want to do yoga plak kan.. I already Google some classes. out of duit betul la.

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