Friday, January 18, 2008



I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put my pictures or send my profile to site like that!! It looks like I'm so desperate to sell myself, to "berkenalan" with bunch of guys. Sooooo Poyo.

FYI, Someone was using my picture with name of Eriyana Bte Johari. It was same incident happen with Myspace last year, when my picture been using for porn-sex maniac user. Stupid.

But, It was my mistake pon, rite? Me, my own self publish my pictures on World Wide Web. But, it just, how immoral people can be. Pakai gamba sendiri laa.

But now, it is in Utusan Malaysia site, Woohhhhoooo siap pantun2 lagi.

I know the page from my friend, he was browsing the site, so found a picture which he familiar with, Sy rupenyeee..
Luckily he got a friend accidentally an IT administrator in Utusan, so my picture with fake profile has been deleted. As soon as been told! bagus.

Sy try cube meng'upload' print screen that page (sempat print screen before it been erased =p). tapi biase la.. The Company's server, denied it. later k ;)

Yesterday, I met my true-love-in-my-dream, Encik Sheikh Muzaffar yang hensem+pandai+cumil. He absolutely soo charming plus handsome! but I kinda x minat how he represent himself. Hurmmm.. but I do falling in love with his smile *wahhhhh
Tapi kann.. a nite before I had a dream about Mawi, me as his gf with media chaotic. daym funny :p

Happy Weekend everyone! I'm going back the hometown, after my mom continuously calling =p, and she promised me Bubur Asyura for 10 Muharram tomorrow! yummy~

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