Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Road Runner.

Road Runner.


Saya seriously need to start jogging back. It a must!! Ehe Saya dah beli "Women's Nike Air Equalon". Mint color! Cumil~ So. Compulsory to me! Run and run. Tapi, I need new headband and wristband, I have maroon. So it didn't match with my new baby. :D Find new mint headband.

Saya sangat lazy to back in exercise, sangat malas especially when I'm working. But he promised me slimming centre programme, menarik. Kene tuntut nie.

Well soon~

I hope Diey will recover soon. She is my classmate way back in MMU. I was visiting her at SJMC last Saturday. She had complication with ovarian cysts. Same goes with Ekin, I hope you recover soon; she had Uterine Fibroids, safely successful operation last month at Hospital Besar Ipoh. I haven't got a chance to visit her yet. Will do soon. Both have very supportive boyfriends. Get Well soon you guys!

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