Thursday, February 28, 2008

Backstreet Back! Oh yeah!!!

Backstreet Back! Oh yeah!!!

The opening - Larger Than Life

I never Break You Heart

Unbreakable Tour , KL
Place: Sunway Surf Beach
Date: 27 Feb 08
I heart Backstreet Boy so much! I love them so so much! I heart BSB, I love BSB. I must say that the concert so awesome!! No word can describe my feeling right now. Being a loyal fan since 96, at last!
I’m not really into BSB lately, since left school obviously, yea right, so boyband-ish. On the day itself, I’m not really daym excited to watch the concert for few reasons, I got flu! And her “problem”. But everything was really worth it. *smile
Some people might say the bubblegum pop boy band era is now finished. But who am I kidding? I’m big fan of them way back when. Why not I enjoy it live and loud? Reminiscing (^_^)
Today, I’m out voice. Too much of singing, screaming, shouting, and also jumped!
Backstreet Boy. You guys so energetic, lots of fun last night. Oh Brian *love. Oh my oh my, I demam BSB dah skang nieh.. I miss them much!!
Plus, there's incident everyone keep pushed at escalator, seriously I keep thinking I masuk paper, hospitalized for berhimpit2 selepas BSB concert. Scariest thing ever!

//I Want It That Way

//They sang Backstreet Back, OMG, OMG, jump jump with meee!!! I sgt2 gile sbb dorg naynyi lagu nieh.

P/S - Celine Dion live in KL! 8 Apr, anyone?

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