Friday, February 15, 2008

My Bday Dinner

My Bday Dinner

From previous entry, my single life means, as a single girl, happily not married but I'm sooo taken. Got it? I do have my own cuppy.

So for my Birthday celebration entry, I guess I never wrote something like this before. *smile
He wished my birthday kinda late for me, almost noon after everyone else did, and anyway Thanks for Birthday wishes everyone.

While our Bday-phone conversation, he made me almost cry! Luckily just few tears drop because I was said, "You, if you come tonight, nanti you nak balik lagi. Esok keje, Susah la malam, siyan you" and then he replied me. "Hah betul juge, I meet you tomorrow je la, cancel for tonight"

I was macam? What???? Senangnye ckp. Eventhough I'm the one who requested it. Mulut niee kannn.. But deep down inside me, oh my god, I'm gonna be alone on my own Birthday when my boyfriend just state away not thousands miles away! And this is first time we will celebrate my birthday as a couple and he just got back Msia. Then I was smsed him, and he didn't reply me at all! (Which he never did that to me before!)

After few hours then, he called me back said "I pick up you at 8 as I asked you couple days before, I was planned all this for long time. Saje bagi you sedih2"

Geram tak?

At 8.30pm, he finally reached after 30 minutes late. When I opened the house door, he was there with a bouquet of 12 red roses. Then he opened car's door for me (as always), there was a big paper bag with my name. My presieee.. yeay! He asked me to open it right away. Big smile from me, yea laaa dpt hadiah kan.

Then, we were heading to somewhere. Rupenye Victoria Station at Taipan. I was asked him, "why you reserved at VS?"

"Last year, you went with Naz, this year you have me" *smile

Lots of people queue up for table (mind you, it's Valentine's Day), but he already reserved our table. With shrimp cocktail for starter, the night was so perfect.

Then, we heading to Sunway for movie, CJ7, limited movies for mid night on V-day.

I had my most memorable birthday ever so far. Appreciated all his efforts, reserved our dinner, searching the nearest florist for my bouquet. FYI, he work at Lukut, then rushed to Kajang after work for my 12 red rose’s bouquet which he already order a week before. Then get ready to pick me up at Cyber.

What I want more? He’s the answer for all my mengade-myprincetobe-list. (He is my favourite chef~)

For my one and only my cuppy, my kapkek, thanks very much. -Nadia-

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