Monday, April 07, 2008



I'm in hectic life now. Just move to another Company, more secure position, more dizzy-busy working life. Well, more money of course. My new company originates from Europe. So, my working hours and public holiday will totally different from normal environment here.

Harap maklum.

The BF will be leaving Malaysia and back to London in really short 2 weeks time; it will minus 10 of my working days. Only left me 4 days for us be together.

Can you guys imagine my life now?

Without him at least for next 8 months (he promised me for Very-Long-Christmas Holiday, I WISH!), plus long-distance-relationship-double efforts, and plus new tense working environment (so tense and sleepy when all your work depends on people in Belgium!!)

From all my kelam-kabut life lately, so here I was thinking about my relationship with GOD.

What if, That HE had loved me more than I realised? Giving me chances at happiness in so many ways, although he tested me in other away but he gave so much more over time, and yet I still take things for granted.

Today, I just hope the sun shine brighter for me.. All my unsecured feeling and LSE will pop out from my chest. I need blessing from HIM, for the path that I have chosen and all decision that I will choose later. My entire past mistake and all consequences from the past, I'm asking for forgiveness from HIM.

I'm in the beginning for long journey of my life. I hope it will be long journey for me and all people that I care so much. I have nothing much to ask except the blessing for each minutes of my life.


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