Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What If, It is HAPPEN?

What If, it is HAPPEN?

Okay, well my emotional-scared feeling haunted me for like weeks now. I mean, I know positively that God love me so much. I mean, keep positive Nadia. Positive, What if all my imagination finally becomes reality? What supposedly my actions are? Is that means the end of my life? I'm neglecting so many things in life; I wish and pray, I can reclaim all.

I will end everything soon, no pint to keep it delayed. If it is, face the reality and all people that I love so much. All my past mistakes and actions will have consequences. No undo button, just move to another path. What happen in life, stay in life?

What If, it is happen? What If, it is happen? I guess I just move on, but..... Maybe I'll just walk away..

Be positive.

Sorry for Just-For-Nadia Entry.

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