Sunday, May 04, 2008

I want him.

I want him.

I was at Zara Warehouse Sale. It's not only Zara, other brands are Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, and also Ted Baker, all discount up to 50%, 70%. Zara adelah terbaik. Cik Julie dah pergi twice kan, she is crazier than me. Okay it’s not the main point here.

I was sgt tekun memilih baju from mountain of Massimo Dutti. So suddenly I heard a woman said, 'B! tgk my shoe nie' a pregnant woman holding a shoe. Then the husband with cheerful joyful voice said 'lawanyaaa your shoe sayang, where u get it?' the very handsome husband with their 7 months baby. Cumil tak? I was macam.. aaaa.. I want himmmmm.. eh. I want that kind of marriage. Very inspirational couple for us (shopping lover, or warehouse lover)

Warehouse shopping very challenging, then with a husband and a baby? I wish my future husband will be that kind of husband. Not typical, lame husband, just sit and wait outside. Eh, fyi, Sharifah Shawati pon ade yasterday, she went crazy too. so. kite ade lah pembeli yang bijak, beli mase sale okay.

Okay. Enough, it's only 4th of May, my phone's bill officially reached RM140, I'm so broke next month.

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