Monday, July 14, 2008


I would like to share with you guys something.

“I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine
I got a love and I know that it's all mine”

That‘s how I feels right now. Okay, I shouldn’t openly write about my relationship. I never did that as far as I could remember. Well. I takut tak jadi.. What if?

But, I’m in La-La land now, I’m so grateful for everything in my life at this very moment. Him, of course. I knew him years back, as a friend, way back when he still studies at Southampton. Him, with Liverpool and football, seem we have something in common. Well, but he was at that time, keep bragging out about being a captain for his Soton Football Team, I loved to kill him. So poyoooo.. 40 kali poyo. ahah!

But he is always there by my side whenever I need him the most. I remembered one time, I was so sad and cried like hell! He just stays with me via phone, thousand miles away, was trying so hard to comfort me with his jokes, and eerrhh it’s not funny at all sebenanyee. Plus he was in his summer picnic at that time, but managed to stay with me like hours. Well, melayan i yg menagis, menangis.. sape sanggup? The reason, I was just found out that my ex officially with someone, in other word.

That moment was completely open my eyes that, heyyyy.. Who willing did that for you??

When he was finally reached homeland for good, our first date was pretty good. Dinner at ‘Good Evening Bangkok’s restaurant and movie was ‘Perfect Stranger’. Well, it was completely describe us. We completely two perfect stranger and had really good evening, erkk.. But obviously not in Bangkok.

He cooked for me, he always does. I love just being extra hand in kitchen, well to be specific, I just stand there, helping him with serving. Well, good partner right? At least I helping him, still.

When I was sad, he always be there, cheer me up with KFC. ‘Kite makan kfc ehhh’ When I was cried, he just wiped me up even he was completely clueless what exactly happen.

When he finally asked me to be his girlfriend, at the same day with someone else asked me the same question. Even earlier than him, but I was said Yes to him, when we had luncheon at Secret Recipe, Alamanda. I saw sincerity in his eyes like never saw with someone else before.

I love when he burned a cd of our songs, I love when he slip a love note under my car’s wiper. I love when he was freaks out when our first kayak’s date. I love when he laughs; I love when he’s doing his weird head’s dance.

I knew that possibility that we never get through until the end, all in HIS hand, kerja Yang Maha Esa. But, I will regret if I never said it loud and if I keep hiding all this. It’s more than a year, we knew. He never changes at all. He still phones me more than one time a day. He still pampered me same as before. And we have plenty things to laugh with. There’s up and down. But we are stronger than ever.

Well, I never completely honest about my feeling, my relationship, this is first time ever. To me, Him, simply being him, we do things together, travel places together. Just love spending time with each other for all this years.

Now, we are back in long distance relationship, I miss him more than ever. He returned to UK again, for work. I always wanted him to know that, I’m so grateful for our relationship, you are my other half, enough said.

“Wherever you go, I always know,
you make me smile even just for a while.”

Sorry for long entry.

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