Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Bday Boy!

// Tolong, i x sukeeee bag ituuuu.. ehe! but it's like The God of Bag for him

Happy Birthday to my cuppyyyy!!!

Haiahhh.. Present lambat la sampai.. U knows what, instead of me pening-pening nak pk, what to get, yada yada.. I just asked him, what u want for bday? Soo.. He’s sooo cerewet, berhari2 berminggu2 pk. So.. lambat la bday present dapat. Padan muke uuu.. :p

So, I decided to get surprise delivery for him, at office on his bday. Tapi. Delivery x sampai pon!! Tp dh charges my credit card! Aisey.. at last I kene bg tau him, kene check with the delivery service. Dah x jadi surprise.. x sukeee.. I have no idea becoz he at Brighton yg agak hulu tue ke.. or ape. But the office betul2 at Brighton City. Penin2. Dah tak surprise.

Cumil x? I actually want to surprise him with a box of truffles. At first I decided to get him a bouquet of roses or tulip, but everyone said, he will not appreciate the bouquet. But I still thought that pretty sweet juge. Eheh. But the point is, I just want to do something special for him on his birthday, even though am thousand miles away..

Happy 26th Bday, I miss you here. Well, presieee, lambat sket la ehh..

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