Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well I got promoted without salary increment. Ahahaha how pathetic is that? Well, it’s actually more to additional tasks to my job description.

Well I will play around with Visio and Sharepoint dengan jayanye after this.

Well have you guys thought that ‘what we want the most, now or later we will get it, it just how and when we will get it’?

I ade byk situation yang, I want it so badly, then I got it, sometimes next year, sometimes next month.

Same situation now, bcoz I previously working with MDeC, I was soo badly wanted to get involved with Sharepoint Project. It just, I am a fresh-grad and so-quite girl, so nak masuk with a group of 5 guys and they all got experiences, and me to prove, sgt mencabar okay. Even I requested of it!! And also I try to study a big book about Sharepoint! Sgt devastated. Ehe.. The Boss itu x percaye sy.

Then with new company, I got it. 6 months of achievement, proud? Yes I am. Tapi terpakse laaa.. byk kejeeeeee. This is better, because it’s involved Poland server and Poland team. And working with stepping server and it’s in other country, menguji kesabaran juge.

Topic yang boring? Yeeeeaaahhhh.. ehehehe

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