Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pinkishhh Plan


Long time since last update, lotsa things to do, since my PINK planner officially launched, then The Office fill up with people again. Eh about The Office, Well my company is the official IT support for Olympic and also Winter Olympic. So, for Beijing 2008, 20 employees from Malaysia selected for a month volunteer there. So wanna try for London Olympic?? Sume org nakkkk pegi London preee.. eheheh.. Well mebi if I still here for next 4 years. Okay la nak apply. Ehehe.

Pink magical book officially launched by me. So my life bit busy from now on until less than a year. Less-than-a-year plan will take most of my time later. Aiseyyy.. But pray for everything will smoothly OK.

What else? Happy Ramadhan to all!


  1. I already knew what's ur "Oink Plan". Neway, good luck and congrats kakak!! =)

  2. opsss.."Pink Plan" daa...oink tu dh mcm lain jer bunyiknyer...

    weis..jom la bukak pose together2...

  3. nadia..
    huu..ko dah tukar layout, baru aku bleh bukak n bace ko nye blog dgn mudahnya, lebeh2 lagik di opis ku yg sengal ini..
    semua pon kene block saje! huhu..
    cumil nye blog yg kuning ini! =)
    sile laa add link ku ini..
    rindu sama kamu utk bergossip!

  4. betty: tekiuuuu... meh buke sesame lg

    angah: kaki ko dh elok ke nieh. tue la aritue weddign anis. kejap je gosip. eheh.. aku add.. jgn risau.