Monday, September 08, 2008

So do you REALLY want kids?

I love this book. I've no idea why. Maybe because of I’m not against any of principles, for me whenever a person chooses to be like that or that, you have to respect them. But we can’t help gossiping about things, right? ehe!

This book it’s all about Claudia’s child-free life. When her hubby at first doesn't want kids, turn her down after 3 years of marriage, out of sudden he wants a child!

See, I haven’t finish yet the book, but I cried, I laugh, I can felt things with this book. I just fascinating about how Claudia so in loves his Ex- Hubby and how in earth Richard can be truly existed. Sexy, Smart, Rich!!

Can’t wait… I’m in the office, still reading.

** Updated

Well I manage to finish the book!! I superbly love it. So. I miss The BF so much now. The End.

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