Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sound crazy enough?


The SIN CHEW reporter Tan Hoon Cheng who reported about Ahmad Ismail’s racist rant is said to be held for investigations under the ISA.

Pelik x??? Ahmad tue x de plak kene ISA, for me, we are Malaysian, even Melayu pon x sume pon originate from here, ramai pon atok nenek dr Indonesia tue.. Please, unite ppl, unite. Malaysia is our home, our beloved land. Not Malay's home. They're born here. Please acknowledge them.

Can you just imagine? They’re all born in Malaysia, Malaysia's Passport holders. So, where can they possibly go if we said they Pendatang or sume bende they can’t get.
Yes for me, mmg ade Chinese, Indian or others bersikap racists, but so do us. Can we just unite? For God's sakeee...

Politic sudah.. But somehow I felt that, nowadays situation, no longer makes any senses.

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  1. tu la..benci giler aku ngn dia ok! patut nya dia mmg jer kne ISA sbb statement dia bole memecah-belah kaum....haih....