Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My personal point of view

I watched Premonition, how the police came and told Linda that her husband died from car accident.

It makes me thinking that how your loved one suddenly has been taken away from you forever? It must be shock and you will be helpless. I am overly thinker, seriously I am. I’m so worry if I call my family and no one picking up. How suddenly robbery happen or fire or or or and so on and on. I constantly checking if Amni is breathing while she’s sleeping when she was a baby and until now! She is 8.y.o now, I am freak, I know.

The movie also makes me think about a relationship. My point of view in term of a relationship is unity of two souls. What makes two completely different people can be unite? How two individual can lived together? What makes two separate human being can be attracts with each other? There’s something in between two souls, something is bonded in between. Maybe in our term, something called love.

Marriage or not, the concepts is the completely the same. It just if you are married, there are legally papers between you two. It more secure relationship for both parties. But who said if you’re not married you are allowed to cheat or you’re allowed to suddenly leave? There are promised between you two, verbally promised. For me if you are in a relationship you already make a commitment. There is another person’s feeling that you supposed to take care of. The same concept with marriage, there is a person will hurt if you complete selfish.

The truth is there is something bonded between both parties that you can’t ignore it. An unexplained feeling that makes you cares, happy and hurt at the same times. Either you are married or not, you can’t ignore your partner’s feeling. There is someone will affected with every single actions that you makes.

That’s my personal point of views towards a relationship between man and woman.


  1. nad,

    me too an overly thinker. for me, it's a tiring job, but what to do, it's in my nature. hehe

    weird huh?

  2. to fio:

    Serioussllyyy penatttt... because sometimes I berdebar2 the whole day if I can't reach my loved one or waiting for exam's result or or or, basically everything I akan overly think. I even couldn't sleep and focus with anything.

    ahahah.. so weird.. I x nak dilahirkan begini :p kite serupe.

  3. lately nih over thinking kalau mak aku x angkat phone..mcm2 bende pikir..hahaa

    tp tp kan bab menipu dlm relationship tu mesti ada. walau ko ckp jujur mane ngn couple ko mesti ada gak ko menipu kan?? kan??

    so bg aku...we just pray the best!

  4. to betty:

    jap aku pk...

    aku rase aku more to 'untold' dr aku menipu. ;) it's better if you come clean with me.

    So far la kan.. x leh la compare aku punye yg br sethn jagung nie kan. :p