Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pre Raya

I’m so in the mood of updating the blog lately. So I have noticed that I haven’t updates any Raya’s pics aite?

So lets the pics do the writing keh.

Here are my Pre-Raya's pics.

#1 He thought me how to do this. I am super expert now.

#2 our compulsory soup for the end of Ramadan.

#3 Takyah dapur kayu..

#4 Boleh tak tidur sambil jage dapur? Ayah niiiee

Ehe, that’s all, yg lain censored, hello what do you expect the girls will wear in my house? ehe

I am super happy today; my BFF will get engaged soon. I am touched, we bermain, membesar bersama since the first day in kindergarten, last day of SPM and until now. As I said before, I know you will get married first! Not me =p


  1. haih..keringlah sup kalau ayah ko tdo..hikhik..plzzz...aku x reti anyam ketupat weihhh....! u've to teach me someday..:P

  2. to betty:

    eheheh.. ape nie.. x menarik langsung. ape je ko reti nieh :p