Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Monthly Summary

January – We had Singapore vacation as he scheduled to attend interview with a UK’s company there, I was overly excited as will meet again with Mak and Kak Naz ;) I love our vaccay so much!

February – My ultimate month ever, well it’s my birthday! He did very good job, a dozen roses and nice dinner. I love you hun!

March – He got job’s offer at UK

April – Our last vaccay before he fly, Bukit Tinggi and Genting, a day sightseeing and lots of drama between us, it’s not really fun; but sweet.

23 April, He’s leaving on a jet plane. Leave me all by myself L

May – Bijou Bazaar for the first time.

June – Knee injury while futsal-ing, physiotherapy more than a month!

July – Shocking news as my ex schoolmate died from an accident.

August – MMU’s Convocation.

September – Pinkisshhhh Plan officially launched.

October – Aidilfitri, his family came.

November – Something happen between us, I hurt than ever.

December – Afamosa trip with family, sooo much fun! Andddddd he’s finally landed here for a month holiday.

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