Friday, December 12, 2008

*Big Smile

Someone safely landed here. I woke up early as 6am, but I was so lazy to move, at last I was arrived at KLIA’s arrival door just in time he was pushing his trolley out. Just nice!

We spent the whole day eating ‘together’, even though nadia-in-‘diet’-mood. Then later, in late afternoon, I send him home to his beloved family.

*Big Smile.

I hope time will slowly move as he will fly back in a month time. *Sigh


  1. suke la tu...ececeece

    apesal time azli sama jer ngn hilmi aritu...aku pon kne bgn pepagi...ehhehe

  2. ahaha
    nk kate suke.. biase jer la.. aku rase takde beze pon.. sbb bkan 24hours ngn aku.. br je jumpe 2 kali.

  3. 12 dec

    aku pun berada di KLIA cuma aku brangkat pergi sahaja