Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Resolutions Checklist

Career (need to rethink, analyze back)
Checked! I managed to secure permanent job in IT field, finally.

More travel and holiday (Plans line up already! Cant wait for Feb plan)
Checked! Singapore, Bukit Tinggi, Genting and Malacca, I love our Singapore vaccay *smile

Help others (more charity works)
Checked! Continue with MAKNA and Malaysia Organ Donor.

Will enjoy my life more, be optimistic (I just hope we can survive this year and more coming years. Amin)
Checked! Well, I definitely optimistic when we bothh have to separate by continents.

Fit in Fitness (Seriously A MUST for August event)
Checked! Definitely fit! But, sadly for August, mission failed. But I managed to lose 5 kgs on December! Thanks honey!

Designer Bags (help me add more, boleh kan yuuuu?)
Yes, beli last year 08, but dapat this year, count la tueee :p

Seriously start saving money (Less shopping? Erm.. erm.. )
Failed! * sigh

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