Friday, January 30, 2009

Engagement Ceremony of Azli & Nadia 010109


Now, as I promised. (If people do read my blog, kan?) I’m updating my engagement entry. It will be very long entry.

The proposal – November 2007

Well, it’s not fancy-romantic proposal, no no, it was happen when I was helping him with his PHD scholarship application, out of sudden, he said to me “Yu, kite kawen before I fly?”

I just silent at first, huh then, my answer will be, “What exactly is your plan?”

So, I guess he proposed to me the real proposal and managed to come out with three different plans for our married life. Aha! That’s how I said YES, with a question and he well prepared.

So, short story, he got a job at UK started last April 08. No PHD’s plan, No-Jimah’s plan. Everything was postponed. His family came for merisik on October 08.

The Engagement

Well, I can say, it’s hard to plan an engagement ceremony by myself, as eldest from 7 (no experiences or what so ever) and no boyfriend can count on. He only managed to help me three weeks before the ceremony. It’s really hard!!

First, the colour and theme, both of us confirmed that we will choose Peach and Blue Turquoise. I guess, arguing and discussing via Skype, doesn’t help much, as out of sudden, my BFF using the peach theme. I was at Gulati’s, and then I just pick Fuchsia Chiffon with light blue beaded with helped from Ibu and also Betty. He was forced to wear adik beradik pink, ahahah tapi dah beli, no choice at all. :p

So, I planned at first to give a try for Salikin Sidek, but after I did some survey. Why I want to waste my money for a designer if I got all in my head? I know exactly what I want. So I just asked my tailor to do exactly what I imagine, siap bagi majalah, lukis sendiri lg :p So I am the designer of my baju. It cost me 5 times cheaper.

For the tudung hunting, I found a shawl exactly same colour with the blue part of my baju! Lucky me! Same goes to the scarf. Both are from Arianni. Thanks to Julie, Ibu (yang don’t bother with my things, more concern with HER tudung-ekin hunting :p :D) and him.

Date: 01 01 09
Venue: Kuala Selangor
Time: 3 pm
Theme Colour: Fuchsia / Blue Turquoise
Wedding Planner: Myself and my Pinkish Planner (A-Journey-to-My-Wedding-Planner)
Make-up artist: Eleena Lamat
Pelamin and Hantaran: Cik Yong (I can’t remember the boutique’s name)
Dress: Me and Cik June, my own tailor
Photographer: Green Apple Photography
Door gift: Lovely white and blue cuppies from Julie

The ceremony took place at my parent’s house in Kuala Selangor. I am blessed for smoothly of the event. His side arrived at 3pm sharp. The makeup turn out superbly natural as I told Eleena, no pink lipstick plizzzz mase awal2 she opened her large case.
Pelamin, I specifically requested mini pelamin, and it’s turns out bigger than i imagine, so layankan je, i tak kuase nk suruh bukak balik pukul 4pg tue :p

The photos all credit to Green Apple, Sadiq especially. Very nice touch, I just loveeeee all. Dah macam org kawen kan? Eheh tape la.. kitorg jarang jumpe :( Long-Distance.

Thanks especially to my parent, family, him, his family, and all friends. I’m engaged!!!

I just hope our relationship selamat sampai ke jinjang pelamin, as many things could happen in between. As we can only plan, Allah yang menentukan. Semoga kami berdua bertemu jodoh, segala yang dirancang menjadi kenyataan dengan izinNya. Amin

He is the one. Tercipta Untukku.


  1. credit to aku *ehem* krn menyusun kk lapis sarawak dan keluarkan buah strawberi dr kotak....

    and credit to zach sbb mengajar cara mengikat alas dulang dgn getah...heheheh ;P

    congrats to kakak n Azli...

    Next year kami tempah baju lain plak..hahah

  2. ahaha.. mmg je byk thanks kt korggggg *Muahhhh

  3. eyhh, tunang abg li. (oops, can i say that out loud?) ^_^
    hi darling! i saw ur pictures the other day, sukaa. Pink and blue was the right combination! Calming and pretty! :)

  4. ahaha, can, but abolutely no 'kakak' here. ahaha, he's the only oldman. :p me not.

    Thanks darl ;)

  5. sy sgt suke klew tema akak...
    impian sy nk wt tme blue turquoise an peach sweet

    ::ordinary blogwalking::