Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Official Statement


I’m back for the update, I promise to myself for keep the blog posted from now on.
Okay, at first, I hesitated for declaration of our new relationship. Yelah orang kate, x elok.. nanti tak jadi.. and so on, so on.

But from my opinion, I should cherish every moment of my life, regardless what people might say. I had very bad dream last night, I was awake around 5.55am and I was crying. Nauzubillah min zalik, semoga dijauhkan. I seriously can’t take it if it’s really happen. Nauzubillah., semoga ia hanya mainan tidur.

Then I realize that I should enjoy my life, embrace each moment of my life. I shouldn’t listen to all bad talk, ye lahh.. ape nak takut tak jadi kan? At least I was trying and enjoyed every moment of it.

Okay, official from the person herself:

I am ENGAGED to Azli on 01.01.09, I am Azli’s fiancée. I’m blessed for smoothly of the engagement ceremony. I sangat terharu kepada semua yang datang. I couldn’t believe myself either.

All pictures will update from our Official Photographer later. Can’t wait!

Now we are back to long distance relationship. Engaged pon still long distance? Dah nasib badan, k la yu, kerje rajin2, my bday coming very soon, can I get new handbag aka Dior, honeyyyyy????

*I was too emotional past few days after sent him to airport. Gonna miss him so much.

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