Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Come Dine with us!

I loveeeeeeeeeee 'Come Dine with Me', even I'm not into cooking thingy, dah lameeeee sgt since my last cooking, It's feels like century agoo.. (Okay, maybe I will start to cook after I get married.. uhh) but the idea of I start cooking pon I malassss..

ehehe.. Okay, promise2, we will take turn cooking, okay yu? (ONLY after we get married, for now u do the cooking :p) eheeee, he always be my chef. Thats yyyy I love him so much! the idea of he's cooking and I do the serving, I missssssss him. :(

Okay enough lovey dovey. I love the idea of dinner party, hosting a dinner party, having friends dine with me. Wahhh menarik.. sbb tue sgt suke 'Come Dine with Me'. But, nowadays my night's life preoccupied with my job. aiseyyyy

I can't wait for our BBQ party this weekend! yehaa, well of coz there will be a swimming pool!

*** Happy Birthday to my sister! 24 is just a number babe :) Love yaaaa


  1. berparti kita di tepi kolam renang....jgn lupa bikini!!! hahahaha

  2. u olls...yg dkt pool nyer bbq set telah di kite kene p yg dekat set lagi satu...sowwy...but tat place cool gak..berlatarkan view kl .. ;)...alaa..lepas mamam aper lg..terjun ahsss..haruzzz berbikini ;0 -julie

  3. wah.. boleh bawak neih :p bikini set ahahaha