Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Yours!

Ohooooo, 4th march will be Jason Mraz and 21st March will be Sunburst KL.

I’m yours babe!

Jason Mraz is definitely a-must-go event. Sunburst in other hand will be interesting, 12 hours non-stop music and MOST probably COLDPLAY will be playing, most probably jeeee...

Can’t wait for March to come ;)


  1. hi!
    I stumbled across your blog, hope you dont mind me passing by :)
    btw, if Coldplay's gonna be there, I wanna goooooo

  2. Hye!!

    No problem~

    Probably, but not confirmed yet, they will annouce artists very soon, but most likely they gonna be there!! yuhuuuuuu

    thanks btw for comment :D