Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My birthday hideaway

Auchhhhhhh, I got a surprise from him!

My birthday is coming very-very soon. For this year, I told him, no need splurge huge amount of money for my present, because of our wedding- restricted budget. Sgt baik okay!

But, I got early birthday present from him. Betul2 surprise!

Someone call me, from a Spa, then I malas nak layan la, I thought she only wanted to offer me some discount rate or they got promotion or what so ever.

Heh, suddenly she mentioned ‘Your fiancé booked a slot for you’, What???? How in earth she knows about my fiancé kan? I really have no idea, pastu she said, ‘Oh is it supposed to be a surprise? I didn’t know that, so Surprise!’ boleh tak macam tue? Ahaha..

So, I can’t wait my birthday experience at SEMBUNYI SPA.

Thanks honey, really appreciate it, but I will prefer if you dok sebelah I je, mase my birthday, *sigh..


  1. happy birthday in advance darling! ;)
    wish u wonderful years ahead! ;)

    g pamper urself k! and surely its worth it! hehehhe...

  2. weh noddie ko nak pg biler aku nak join gak...aku mmg nak pg spa...nak join...ko amik yg mane

  3. ehh alamak silap lak.....wey abai kan blog atas tu...tadi aku tulun editkan kawan aku nyer blog luper log off...ehhehe aku neh eryn nak ikut gak spa tuh wey...ajak la julie gak...mak cik kayo tuh

  4. bestnyaaa happy birthday to u...our bday in the same month laa...hihihi

  5. Eryn: ahaha.. aku dah pegi la before aku bace comment ko neih :p ehehe tape2 aku review kan sat lg eh :p

    Ninie: ye ke? u punye bape? I Valentine's baby ;D Thanks wish!

  6. Wahhh abang li pamper u with a day in the spa! :) Seronot nyeeee! Darling u dah set date wedding keee? Bilaaa do share with me. I like weddings too, but mine will come when i keluar janggut, haahaa. Dah lama i xserempak ngan ur fiancee as he rarely come over to Soton. U dtg Easter eyh? Dtg sini jmpa kitorg tau ;pp

  7. Aida: everyone love wedding~ plan own wedding lagi best! tp pening, ehehe.. dah ade dah.. shuhhhh, hopefully jadi!

    c ya sooooonnnn okay! :D