Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Oz-Boxing-Day Nine West Olive Suede Heels!

My second suede heels actually, fly all away from Oz, ehehhhhhhh the olive color soooo gorjes! thanks Bets, kerana susah payah bershopping for me, love yaaaa ;)


  1. nice heels u got there! ;)
    love the platform n mesti stable to wear kan ;)

  2. br sedar yg heels tu sgt gorjes..!! *asal la aku tak beli* hohohooh but thanks God it fits u well.... :)

  3. Verde: so stable, I siap bawak masuk sawah lg. But advice, suede with dirt, sgt susah nk bersihkan. ahah! reminder to myself.

    Betty: tue la pasal! aku sgt soookaaa.. thanks kakak :D