Monday, February 23, 2009

Sembunyi Spa Review

I give Sembunyi Spa 4/5 stars. Don't judge me as I sangat jarang bermanje-manje at Spa kecuali for facial, yesss, itu pon very seldom, even I pernah berjanji utk pegi every month. Eheee..

So, I was there, sharp at 11am as my session start at. My lucky birthday! as they don't have any clients in the morning, so I free to use all facilities first before my session. So ape lagiiiii, terjun la saya ke dalam Jacuzzi ituuuuu.. heaven i tell uuuu, the big Jacuzzi just for myself. Others, they got steam, sauna, and colddip(x boleh2, mcm ice, celup kaki je pon dah kebas :p).

Okay, so my session start with Ginger drink, followed by Island Dream Scrub, after all scrub2 away.. then wrapped around with Yogurt with Earth & Flower Petal Mask. After 30 minutes of masking, I was indulge in a Rich Milk and Fresh Blossom Bath Scented with Melur Dream Bath Gel for half an hour. I tell youuuuu, Its soooooo relaxingggg...

Opsss, I don't have any urut-mengurut session, coz I hate it! ahaha I tak suke org urut2 neih.. sakiitttt..

So Spa's services very tip top for me, they provide you with disposable underwears, 2 lagi tue.. ehe, cotton bud, slipper, robe, towel, shirt and etc.

Their individual rooms very private, each have their own bath tub and shower. After session end, I had Strawberry Pudding againnnn with Ginger Drink.

Heavennnnnnnn... definitely will coming back! hepp, fyi. You will be naked only underwear allowed. ehehe.. I remember how my Cherating Spa's experience.. Ehe Nirma totally worried with the idea of she's being naked.

erhhh, yu, boleh bayar kan lagi tak?

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