Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stunning 1-0 victory over Real Madrid in the Bernabeu

I can say that I kipas-susah-mati Liverpool, or football basically? I can watch all football's match. Sgtttttttttt fanatic with Liverpool okay.. don't play2. I can't be with someone with different football's team. Seriously NO. Yes and my mom said 'Siape la nk kamu nie, mlm jerit2 tgk bola'

All my exes, wahh byknye. ehe not into football. Dgn cik abg saye skang ni pon becoz he's big fan of Liverpool himself! that's y we can get along, as long not Man U! :p I can imagine all my kids will be wearing Liverpool jersey along with me and him. Cumeeellllnyeeeee.. :p

Okay. So I just bangun coz I watching Champion Legue last nite until 6am. Remarkable performance from Liverpool!!! Sgt menarik, and result, Liverpool 1 - Real Madrid 0.

Yuuuu, World Cup dah released ticket's price, so menabung dr skang for 2010 World Cup!! in Africa guysss!! teruje tak? I sgt nak pegi ;)

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