Friday, February 06, 2009

Super Duper boring


I’ve no idea why my life will be super duper boring nowadays. Aishhhh, I’m living with the same routine every single day, including weekend.

Uhu, and the girls will have fun in Jakarta next month. Soooooooooo sadddddddddddd.

Him. Busy with his work, with all his friends, his own life and thousandsssss miles away pon. Takkan I nak suruh he Skype with me 24/7 kan?

Nie. PMS syndrome kot.. eee.. goooo awayyyy

Okay la, for this month I bought few new items to my wardrobe. So here they are:

#1 Dolman Open Cardigan

#2 Rugged Knit Coat

Mine is RED! okay.. that's the main reason I bought this. ehe especially fo my Easter Holiday.

#3 Fab Modal Open Cardigan

Haih, so abes dah duit... no no, after this no more shopping until April. No warehouse, no sale. menabung utk mase depan.

Noted, 1 coat and 2 cardy, I just nak add on my existing clothes. :D

But, I sgt suka ini, sgt2 sukeeeeee , boleh tak hadiah bday? Kene mintak mommyyyy :D

#Ashley Faux Leather Jacket
Tape la, tunggu turun lagi beberape kgsss, so i can pakai lots of things. :p eheheh I turun 4kgs guysss, menarik tak? ahahah.. I dah la timbang kat office. tak caye tanye Xavier :p
Aih.. so many things happen this week even i had a very boring week. Tapi tape. life goes on. :)


  1. while we're having fun...u'll be next at uk....!!! hey..all of us going to early year...hahahahha

  2. takpe....nanti b4 ko kawin kite buat bachelor party kat mane pulau ker...ok tak??? :D *suke hati aku jer*