Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my my my, I just realize that the date we choose for our wedding, most probably ramai kawennnnnn mase tue.

Oh shut, I should start surveying/booking ASAP!

Ohhhh as soon as next week, this weekend will review everything! Everything.

I hopeeeeee Eleena Lamat and GreenApple still available on that date, I want them so badly!

All these days, after we finalized our date, I never think that it will be most popular date, because we only arranged it accordingly, semata-mata depends on kami berdua available date especially him which work abroad and limited holiday.

Aaah bencinyeeee.. I just hope we are not tooo late.

aha and pengapit I pon will get married same date with me. Pening-peningggg.. pengapit pon dah hilang.. ehehe.. and it's April soon, I haven't start single thing ponnnn...


  1. weih..lambat dah ko nih....tu yg semangat nak g wedding fair eyh?

    selambat-lambat ko...lg lambat aku! hohoho

  2. My parents pun pilih hot date so end up 2 my close fren kawen on the same day. One of them is Verde lah. So kitorg takleh pegi masing2 nyer wedding n reception. Just dpt calling2 jer. But now we're happy since kitorg celebrate the anni day together!

  3. to Betty: tue laaaa... aku br je tersedar smlm. terus hantar email sume. aiseyyy pening2

    to Fynnaz: tue la.. i pon tak rase pon teringin hot date, what to do.. dah terpakse. correct! dapat je la celebrate anni same.. ehe so happy anni to u fynnn!