Friday, March 20, 2009

Confession of Shopaholic

I haven’t watched, haven’t read any synopsis. I hope it will be similar with the book.

I can’t say that I am a shopaholic or I’m not but I experienced lotsssss of sale, especially warehouse sale, from Loreal Warehouse to Chanel Private Sale. Yes, I think I’ve been in mosttttt of sale in this country except, mommy’s stuff, kitchen’s stuff, itu belum diberi hidayah.

I did berebut with others especially when it comes to shoes, ahaha.. spying item in someone’s hand. Pernah pegi warehouse Clarks, yang beratur panjang tak ingat, ade warehouse yang I berhujan. Member preview sale lagi, J card member lagi la.. itu mesti pegi with my mom punye, as early as 8am okay?. Eh banyak rupenye.

Most of the time, I selalu beli only if the item on sale, ade perasaan yang geram sangat kalau discounted and I missed it. Very seldom buy things if not on sale, cume lately je, bila dah berkerjaya ni dan ada duit lebih. Eheeee If you can get the item 30% off in a month later, why bother to buy it now?

So, Rebecca Bloomwood, I got her feeling, when she try to hide credit card bills or accidentally used her and Luke joint account money.

Eh dah termasuk Ties the Knot plak.

Opssyyy, I did used our joint account money without asking him first, erhhh.. macam selalu je.. ye rasenye. Ermmm Then, end of the month I just ganti la balik. Sometimes I just beg him. “I want that red coat so much; can I use the money? pleaseeeeee honey, want it sooo bad! :(”

That always works!!

So jimat tak duit? Jimat.. ahaha tapi duit kami la tak bertambah, ehhhh but I did contribute in the account as well. Okay la tuee (but only small contribution, ehe, I think I used all my portion dahhh)

Eh, honey bunny, now you know my secret tactics, ahaha I do love you so muchhh, pleaseeeee don’t take awayyyyyy the moneeeyyyyy..

But for this year, I insaf sket, I realize that a pair of Nine West can’t be use as a deposit of our wedding invitation card or our bridal package. Sudah diberi hidayah.

Pssttt, (Usually there are Nine West sale at Avenue K. okay?)

Okay girlfriends, let’s watch the movie together! Girls day out (Eh macam setiap kali je girls day out, dah lame dah tak berdating.. uggghhh)


  1. "... xcept, mommy’s stuff, kitchen’s stuff, itu belum diberi hidayah." Hahahah sumpah kelakar. Moga anda diberi hidayah soon :p

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  3. to Naz: hopefullyyyy tapi long way to go bfore mummy's stuff tue :p

  4. mari2....mgu ini kite tgk nak?? lgpon si pramugara terlampau amat free in sunday..jomm!!!!

  5. to Betty: alaaa Sunday tak available sgt laaaa.. Bday party Amni. Sabtu laaa weiiii

    to Verde: 2 dayssss more!! ;)